The dormitory is a five-storey building after general renovation. We have 320 beds in single and double rooms. On each floor there are 40 living rooms, two kitchens and 2 sanitary rooms (toilet, bathroom) for shared use. All residents of the dormitory have a permanent Internet connection installed in the rooms. Using the internet is free of charge.


In the dormitory, residents have at their disposal:

  • reading room, the so-called quiet study room,
  • TV room
  • laundry and drying room,
  • vacuum cleaner,
  • storage for bicycles,
  • a room that serves as a storage room and deposit,
  • a chapel (in the didactic building next to the student house),
  • a canteen – next to the student dormitory – run by the University Foundation, which provides full-day meals for students, KUL employees and people from outside the university (Mensa Qul Canteen, tel. 662-316-051); Detailed information can be obtained by calling (0-15) 642-25-21
  • parking


The Student House is located in the very center of the city, at ul. Ofiar Katynia 6. It is situated in the immediate vicinity of the park, which makes you feel calm, far from street noise.

Nearby (approx. 10 minutes on foot), there is the Municipal Cultural Center (https://www.mdkstalowawola.pl/ ), where there is a modern cinema room, adapted to screening movies in 3D quality. Celebrity events and concerts are also held here regularly.

For lovers of history and more, we offer a trip to the Regional Museum (http://muzeum.stalowawola.pl/ ). You can learn about the history and culture of the region from the time when the settlement in this area was established. We also invite you to the John Paul II Museum, which is located in the catechetical house at the Church of Our Lady Queen of Poland.

Near the Student House there is also an indoor swimming pool https://mosir.stalowawola.pl/  and a tennis court https://mktstalowawola.pl/  that turns into an ice rink in winter! You can cycle here almost all year round. The city has a lot of safe and functional bicycle paths, and the Student House is equipped with special rooms where residents can store their bicycles.

Stalowa Wola is a beautifully situated city among greenery and forest complexes belonging to the Sandomierz Forest. Forest charms can be admired using specially prepared educational and natural cycle paths https://www.lodz.lasy.gov.pl/